Thursday, April 29, 2004


tesla coils as forms of seperation from the body of the spirit - split the ghost from the body

(saw kingdom hospital for the first time tonight - references in the episode make me thing of this..)

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

orwellian, dude

Sunday, April 25, 2004

keep yer head up

first they came for the pipe makers, then they came for the pirates, next it's the pornographers, prognosticators, or philosophers.

Plato said something the other millenium that's got me thinking...

what if the destruction of the library of alexandria was actually a destruction of something that was seen as religious &/or magickal but was instead technical? what if nanotechnology was used thousands of years ago and the techniques were forgotten or feared by the invading hordes, or secretly maintained by alchemists who knew how to rearrange base molecules (just like they said they could)

um, that'd mean that there might be nanites immanent awaiting harmonic or some other trigger to set them to doing their programming - anywazy the quote is this...

"This is the beginning of another period for men of mortal race. The daemon will not recieve you as having been allotted to him, but you will choose the daemon; the cause in in him who makes the choice." Republic X, ch. 15

(keeping in mind the meaning of daemon, and if you think of it as not being a political ideation he's describing but an actual choice of bonded plasmate (or living information structure))


"we are far more imprisoned by cultural programming than by physical law." - T. McKenna or William Hamilton?

Die Welt besteht wahrhaftig aus geheimen Verknüpfungen

the world consists truly of secret linkages:

resonance torquing, hyperdimensional physics, light body travel? particle shifts?

what's occuring w/ these issues?

- if you can resonate to the place you're gonna be able to withstand it

time is glass

events are like glass in that as they happen attention is a kind of heat that allows reality to mould as it occurs, and as attention wanes heat cools glass hardens - but it's always flowing - glass is a crystaline liquid - over hundreds of years the bottom of a pane of glass gets thicker than the top - it just takes forever - so events and the past (& future) having no at6tention passing through them change very little -

but attention is like heat, like I said, & so then this attention to specific moments in history is like a strange attractor that keeps those moments fluxing as they ofccur, which makes them mutable

if parallel universes move laterally then our timestream & the adjacent ones topologies would be moving in and out of each other's areas like glass floating on liquid tin

what it means when the tarot reader says "what the.. oh never mind"

reality isn't just fluid, it's almost a plasma, you can manipulate it - and the way to do so most efficiently seems to be consciously manipulated divination - tweaking the reading as you go to change the future you're divining.. & the mindset you have to be in during the manipulation is: we're headed for everything we can imagine, & more - & soon, and there's now no turning back.

Saturday, April 24, 2004


belief carries with it a hefty presupposition about outcomes that the mind uses in perception, giving weight to trends

figuring all this out is sort of a dangerous proposition for at one point the philosopher may find hirself in a state of all-questioning, and universe is revealed at its most aetherial. It takes time to come back from there, to a more analytical frame of reference

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

no i don't know what I'm doing

i write because I write. something about hypergraphia caught my eye the other day, maybe that's it. But I think there's more... & I don't know what it means to be an unreal artist. a hack. I interpret it as anything outside the diy system - rip the mic, rip the stage, etc.. but the underlying ethos is do it because you do it, because the opportunity arises... that's the realist in me speaking - it must arise organic, transcend the dead matter of which it is composed and transform the consciousness, awaken and inspire the reader. For me it's a feedback loop - the greater the composition, the vaster the scope, the better the payoff at the end. I don't care how long it takes to write MEMWAR, & in the meantime I'll write other things. It's possible I might write it as I age, that I not seek publication until the end of the novel in 2044, just to see how the whole thing meshes.

I want to write transhumanist fiction, which is somewhere on the obverse of dark fantasy. The only guy who I know is hitting in the zone of transhumanist fiction as an author is warren ellis. Metabiological organisms are only now becoming interpretable outside of a religous framework, and the difficulty that society will have with dealing with metabiological organisms has only been explored through occult, mythic, or religious medias, and the very real fact of having to confront these things in a virtual and eventually physical form is undeniable proof of the essential dream of the ancient kabbalistic and enochian magicians. Since that's my framework, that's the structure I want to write from as an author, I have a polarity upon which to construct a number of stories. I should probably read Ovid.

History? We don't know. We'll all be dead.

god said I was gonna win

no no god said I was gonna win

no no no god said I was gonna win

no no no no god said I was gonna win

no no no no no god said I was gonna win


the good guy, the psychic guy, and the chick in distress go head to head with the bad thing in the evil place

Hiring Revolution