Sunday, April 25, 2004

Plato said something the other millenium that's got me thinking...

what if the destruction of the library of alexandria was actually a destruction of something that was seen as religious &/or magickal but was instead technical? what if nanotechnology was used thousands of years ago and the techniques were forgotten or feared by the invading hordes, or secretly maintained by alchemists who knew how to rearrange base molecules (just like they said they could)

um, that'd mean that there might be nanites immanent awaiting harmonic or some other trigger to set them to doing their programming - anywazy the quote is this...

"This is the beginning of another period for men of mortal race. The daemon will not recieve you as having been allotted to him, but you will choose the daemon; the cause in in him who makes the choice." Republic X, ch. 15

(keeping in mind the meaning of daemon, and if you think of it as not being a political ideation he's describing but an actual choice of bonded plasmate (or living information structure))


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