Thursday, May 27, 2004


a lot of what appears to be well-thoughtout plot is actually a series of nested mediation... this is especially prevalent in science fiction both in literal devices (the big thing turns out to be something inside an even bigger thing) and the more abstract.. (the book about a movie about a book about a movie)

Layers simulate organic growth, but it seems that layers also muddle the purity of character development, they distance the reader from empathy.

overly mediated reality is used visually to great effect in modern horror (ringu, the last broadcast, videodrome) but it has also been over-done in a few cases (in the mouth of madness, blair witch 2)

ultimately, a book should not provide secondary layers... the prose needs to be there, where the reader wants to be, in the thick of things. Not reading a manuscript about hearsay events through the eyes of a secondary character, but there, riding side-saddle with the manuscript's original author.


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