Monday, May 24, 2004


a good deal of fiction is laying the characters out in such a way that once a triggering event occurs, that character naturally evolves into antagonist, or protagonist. Most people are predictable, and characters should also be predictable, to an extent.. Although the whole idea is to stop being a robot, be responsive to internal stimuli rather than be programmed by your environment.. ("Half-Asleep In Frog P'j's for example) anyway a triggered thought tonight on my part:
while watching Deadwood tonight, during the rev. ramblings I had an idea of a direction I'd like to see a television show take, which is where one of the characters comes to believe s/he's on television, and accuses the other characters of not being who they claim to be - even stranger the actors playing the characters could shift roles, or there could be sequences where all the individuals the main character meets are played by the same person ('Being John Malkovich'esque)


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