Wednesday, June 16, 2004

on slow turnover of blog posts

k this interesting thing about writing online compulsively is that I get a pretty high google ranking, especially since I interlink my blogs & also provide so much index-enabled content to this here interweb

there's a certain inscrutability to my work all the same, because of the forms in which the writing is twisted by the medium - blogging is such an intrusive, now-oriented medium that it doesn't easily lend itself to fiction, and most attempts at fiction-based blogs seem doomed to failure or character sketchs of a fictional blogger.

thus it seems that while this blog could serve as a repository of completed fictional work, I find the idea of using a blog to generate fiction somewhat unweildy

hence the lack of updates to this here page.


as I'm returning to work on memwar, I doubt much major posting will be occuring here for a while.


poetry on the other hand, is much more suited to a blogging medium. One could argue I'm more of a natural poet than storyteller, and that blaming blogger for my troubles is something of a projection.


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