Monday, July 05, 2004

silver cage

see notebook

beyond, in the shadows of the den, there were others. Not like him, he would smell it if it were so, but similarly caged, caged by thier own we3aknesses. Asd his was the grate, the fine mesh of silver wropught beneath the dirt of his confinment, so was their spirals in salt, or pools of blessed liquids, semen, blood, wine, honey...

he had burrowed to the flashing pain, that short-circuit of chi as exhausting and electrifying as it had been, it seared itself into his being - this knowledge of a cage he must not touch

they came n gourps, ones and twos and masses. odor of butter and sweat, of pop corn, of sugars and fructose and alcohol, sharp. And laughter, laughing waves of people and flashbulbs and their eyes moonlight wet opened above him and he twisted as they waited, hushed

threw himself at the mesh that burned, falling enraged at the base of the fence, then turned and plodded back to the hollow, where they would see his lamplight eyes winkng from the shadows

the days and nights passed in isolation food came to him as he sat a man, food on its own serving dish that strolled out of a silver cube set through a wall, served on a silver platter equiped with its own six spindly legs, nubbed with a flesh

eash meal was a cube of protein, shot through with some sort of flavour that wakened every section of his tongue, mouthwatering, savoury, and always exactly as satisfying as before... he would eat dirt, chew bark as beast to rid his mouth of the flavour

only the crowds. the crowds changed, changed night after night while he only changed in the darkness. Faded into the dark, the feral cast across his features in the blackness. The crowds would be outfit with night vision he could smell them then, hear their movements, his ears furred, a depth of awareness unlike anything he'd comprehend while human... they were there, but he knew them more intimately through sound than they could hope to observe through their night-green goggles

caged, they held a force ready to ravage the world that held it bound

Sunday, July 04, 2004

"Brilliance goes as far as it is discovered. -B.N.S."

Hiring Revolution