Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I was close to scrapping the whole blog

yeah I know I got a lot of stuff up here but the demands of creative life are hard to explain fully

but it fits into trying to bring my actions in line with my beliefs. everyone struggles with that, sure, but for me it's all I got; the struggle.. the action, reaction, and content rendered lush and imaginative in its wake.

the struggle was this: should I abandon these blogs now that google's gone public? it seems to me that there's a certain inevitability with these things... soon this and mutans. and my other spots will be as advertisment-heavy as my Clumsy Wizard site

granted, I have no room to complain in that I get this webspace for free

but what really keeps me here isn't the work I've already done on these blogs or the fact that I can move around text for free, it's that I've become partially co-opted by the hyperreal, and without my active participation I will become less than I currently am.. this blog & the others are now extensions of my body, shards of it reflected in other forms, seldom-used and barely remembered screen names stashed across servers like scenes from a memory

without this participation these evolutions may atrophy


Blogger lefty said...

i'm giving your website address to my friend neil the phd at ku. please don't be a shithead if you end up talking to him at all. here is his website you will find it interesting, i know... http://www.math.ku.edu/~epstein/

don/t give up your creative persuits jeff unless its just what you want. i hope you aren't going for less than what you need. there are so many interesting people in this city and the world. and if you knew what i have been doing apart from my suffering you'd find it interesting. i'm a very talented activist, jeff. other links for you aquired from a new friend met at the internet cafe am still trying to fix my computer...wish you could be more of a gentleman



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