Tuesday, November 30, 2004

can we lock individuals up as drug labortories?

once black market harvesting of erototoxinz® begins, will it be illegal to possess a brain?

Monday, November 29, 2004

your vision was never mine to share

i've got that song stuck in my head. it's going to get stuck in someone's head in my book.

figured it out. a corporation in order to maintain branding needs a stable of creative people that work together as a unit for extremely long periods.

soap operas, disney land, certain film production companies

why I photograph stuff

stuff gets moved a lot faster than people change

Sunday, November 28, 2004

not dreaming

have spent an incredible morning emailing a blood relative.

this is the first time I've knowingly communicated with anyone related to me biologically

expect that I'll go into detail with this in Outgrowth once I've gotten the shock more or less under control


this guy keeps writing notes, lists of things to do, but on finding them later they all say "WAKE THE FUCK UP" over and over, filling the page. ends with dude shaking hisself awake screaming I'm not asleep

Saturday, November 27, 2004


big signs. billboards. tshirts.

it's kinda an inkdot with letters

too tired to elaborate

periods of slow building tension followed by moments of extreme stresses provide the most important key in self-transformation

stress induction into the psyche kinda unsettles it

i was trying to understand why I insist on trying to quit smoking and adjust my patches during the most tense and stressful moments of my life & this is what I've come up with for the moment

I'm going to explain - i'm kinda certain I'll get around to it tomorrow

Monday, November 22, 2004

the only sane response to the world today is incoherent ranting

the will to poverty: i've had a lot of money & I've had none & I'd rather have almost enough than too much of that stuff
that's why the free music, that's why the desire to create. it comes from a desire to create, not as a product for commodity. i started to wonder if i was mad but don't care for money so much as need equipment and supplies, so... yeah truly undermining a culture of commodity into an art whore temple was attempted to disasterous results in holywood, & now we get to play in the fallout.
good friend of mine soon as she hits a new town the first thing she looks for is free bread. there's good free bread in lawrence she tells me. anyway I've been reading about these calligraphers who change their name once they reach a stage of accomplishment, that their new work will be freed from the expectations of their name. I'm appending that idea to the way I work, as it illuminates the various invariable ressurections of my alias the zen werewolf (azin we're+(flow reversed)) - when i realized my ideas about reality piracy were nearly identical with +fravia's reality cracking, and that my concept of kaos majik was mostly what joel birocco described as juxtapositional magic, and that what I thought tarot cards were turned out to be what piers anthony describes in his tarot trilogy, I re-adopted my poetaster name from bad highschool proesy and wrote an insane rambling manifestoe while jacked out of my skull on that ritalin stuff they give kids who can't sit still and posted it to a scholarly journal on memetics and the zee list simultaneously, ensuring members of both camps ignored me moving forward into this current fascist breech we're now all in together

so yeah, uh:

incoherent ranting & the will to poverty = these are the only sane responses left the individual

there's your message

language/code meditation

language is an engine, a more difficult flexible version of code, for higher order computers (brains)

interdependancy of systems creates and environment in which entity or servitors created entirely of language can denote meaning and accomplish tasks as directed. this lower form of environment mirrors what has been called the subtle or spiritual network of life energy in which various entity or servitors constructed of logos interact (supposition, romantic clap-trap. bo-shet, best southern jewish cowboy accent) but analogy at least to get the (*ahem. creative) juices flowing

Monday, November 08, 2004


the unquiet mind album is complete, as the tracks go. over the last
six weeks kitty & i have been working on this project,
and currently she's working on the album art

this project, more than anything that came before, helped me
fine-tune digitrash's capabilities and has helped me go from working with samples
alone to writing segments and pieces of music

none of this would have been possible without kitty, who's understanding
of harmonics and truly impressive dragon voice gives unquiet mind an edge

or any of the other musicians and vocalists involved. the ouranic barabaric that reverend gabriel & I are chanting before
ezekiel x's sermon
during the human egregore was probably the most difficult request
I'd made of any of the performers, but the lamau's three minute
long didgeridoo piece that opens T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. was
an incredible performance to just witness. circular breathing is hard

the rev also performed an integral part of The Human Export using
this really odd two-stringed instrument that's kinda turkish but not really - it's got a gourd
at the bottom of the neck, with a big horn sticking out of the gourd, & the rev played it
by bouncing this wooden banger off the strings. he's playing it in Endless Neon Daymare as well

august k didn't add any cow bells this time, but he did contribute his voice on Word ObscuReveal Dreams
with the rev, and introduces the idea of drunken raged turned murderous in Asymmetrical Synchronicity

ben nothing also helped, laying down sounds, tracks, and vocals as needed
that's him screaming "artist unknown" with kitty in You: Artist Unknown,
and that's his unfreaking believable guitar work in EvolvEmbrac, even if it is
mangled and torn. his bass work fills out T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I., for example,
was done to order, on a whim, and couldn't have worked better

Knowledge Needs Only Wisdom, This Corporate Republic
and FIN the Pisces Age contain the central ideas - we the people, we're the we, we're the were...
we're all changing - Werewolf Erotica is sculpted so that it
can help the listener become more aware of inaudible frequencies (and there's an even higher frequency mix not online)
and the same technique is on the ufo abduction repressed memory track OFficial fantasy
(admittedly inspired by dream theater's metropolis 2)

Itinerant Transmission was me trying to make the loudest sound I could imagine,
thinking about the hounds of tindalos coming for a pack of werewolves while they're in the middle of taunting their dinner with lycanthropy

Digitrash Studio

since digitrash studio's inception as a
place from which to create audio
cut-ups of cultural artefacts
I'd hoped to be able to expand
into a larger area, more conducive
to recording

Upon completion of the Unquiet Mind album
we carved out a new home for digitrash
& there are a number of projects on the horizon

Scars My Own
guitarist bo and i have
completed one of the tracks for the forth-coming
re-engineered release of Raido Kaos, a kind of gut
reaction to the new studio set-up:
Everything is Different

Raido Kaos will span all the up-coming work
that digitrash will be involved with, a kind of sampler
but a cohesive work in it's own right (or is it rite?)

The downside to this is that I'll be removing DrBpoaIC from
wu.dmusic.com to create the remainder of Raido Kaos, so if
you're interested in downloading any of those tracks,
this is your last week to do so (eventually digitrash
will have it's own server though, although it's hard
to say if I'll still have the files)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

tom wolfe sucks at prophecy

Wolfe set out, for the first time, to write the book on a computer, but gave up in favour of his usual typewriter. "Then I jammed my finger badly," he says, "and took up pen and paper. This may turn out to be the last book ever written that way."

pretentious arse - not every writer can afford even a typewriter

Hiring Revolution