Monday, November 08, 2004

Digitrash Studio

since digitrash studio's inception as a
place from which to create audio
cut-ups of cultural artefacts
I'd hoped to be able to expand
into a larger area, more conducive
to recording

Upon completion of the Unquiet Mind album
we carved out a new home for digitrash
& there are a number of projects on the horizon

Scars My Own
guitarist bo and i have
completed one of the tracks for the forth-coming
re-engineered release of Raido Kaos, a kind of gut
reaction to the new studio set-up:
Everything is Different

Raido Kaos will span all the up-coming work
that digitrash will be involved with, a kind of sampler
but a cohesive work in it's own right (or is it rite?)

The downside to this is that I'll be removing DrBpoaIC from to create the remainder of Raido Kaos, so if
you're interested in downloading any of those tracks,
this is your last week to do so (eventually digitrash
will have it's own server though, although it's hard
to say if I'll still have the files)


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