Monday, November 22, 2004

the only sane response to the world today is incoherent ranting

the will to poverty: i've had a lot of money & I've had none & I'd rather have almost enough than too much of that stuff
that's why the free music, that's why the desire to create. it comes from a desire to create, not as a product for commodity. i started to wonder if i was mad but don't care for money so much as need equipment and supplies, so... yeah truly undermining a culture of commodity into an art whore temple was attempted to disasterous results in holywood, & now we get to play in the fallout.
good friend of mine soon as she hits a new town the first thing she looks for is free bread. there's good free bread in lawrence she tells me. anyway I've been reading about these calligraphers who change their name once they reach a stage of accomplishment, that their new work will be freed from the expectations of their name. I'm appending that idea to the way I work, as it illuminates the various invariable ressurections of my alias the zen werewolf (azin we're+(flow reversed)) - when i realized my ideas about reality piracy were nearly identical with +fravia's reality cracking, and that my concept of kaos majik was mostly what joel birocco described as juxtapositional magic, and that what I thought tarot cards were turned out to be what piers anthony describes in his tarot trilogy, I re-adopted my poetaster name from bad highschool proesy and wrote an insane rambling manifestoe while jacked out of my skull on that ritalin stuff they give kids who can't sit still and posted it to a scholarly journal on memetics and the zee list simultaneously, ensuring members of both camps ignored me moving forward into this current fascist breech we're now all in together

so yeah, uh:

incoherent ranting & the will to poverty = these are the only sane responses left the individual

there's your message


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