Monday, November 08, 2004


the unquiet mind album is complete, as the tracks go. over the last
six weeks kitty & i have been working on this project,
and currently she's working on the album art

this project, more than anything that came before, helped me
fine-tune digitrash's capabilities and has helped me go from working with samples
alone to writing segments and pieces of music

none of this would have been possible without kitty, who's understanding
of harmonics and truly impressive dragon voice gives unquiet mind an edge

or any of the other musicians and vocalists involved. the ouranic barabaric that reverend gabriel & I are chanting before
ezekiel x's sermon
during the human egregore was probably the most difficult request
I'd made of any of the performers, but the lamau's three minute
long didgeridoo piece that opens T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I. was
an incredible performance to just witness. circular breathing is hard

the rev also performed an integral part of The Human Export using
this really odd two-stringed instrument that's kinda turkish but not really - it's got a gourd
at the bottom of the neck, with a big horn sticking out of the gourd, & the rev played it
by bouncing this wooden banger off the strings. he's playing it in Endless Neon Daymare as well

august k didn't add any cow bells this time, but he did contribute his voice on Word ObscuReveal Dreams
with the rev, and introduces the idea of drunken raged turned murderous in Asymmetrical Synchronicity

ben nothing also helped, laying down sounds, tracks, and vocals as needed
that's him screaming "artist unknown" with kitty in You: Artist Unknown,
and that's his unfreaking believable guitar work in EvolvEmbrac, even if it is
mangled and torn. his bass work fills out T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I., for example,
was done to order, on a whim, and couldn't have worked better

Knowledge Needs Only Wisdom, This Corporate Republic
and FIN the Pisces Age contain the central ideas - we the people, we're the we, we're the were...
we're all changing - Werewolf Erotica is sculpted so that it
can help the listener become more aware of inaudible frequencies (and there's an even higher frequency mix not online)
and the same technique is on the ufo abduction repressed memory track OFficial fantasy
(admittedly inspired by dream theater's metropolis 2)

Itinerant Transmission was me trying to make the loudest sound I could imagine,
thinking about the hounds of tindalos coming for a pack of werewolves while they're in the middle of taunting their dinner with lycanthropy


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