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lsymbols for number seven; for
indiscriminately called monistic systems in hermetic science. The
quabbalist should always be aware of the fact that number one means
highest cognition, highesd, then came out, took a laxative, and became rich. It was discovered that many houses had cellar trapdoors that led directly to the sewer."
"Ca alors..."
"In a period when people emptied chamber pots out the window? And why did they have sewers with sidewalks along them, and iron rings set in die wall, to hang on to? These passages were the equivalent of those tapis francs where the lowlife gathered-the pegre, as it was called then-and if the police arrived, they could escape and resurface somewhere else."
"You think so? Whom are you trying to protect? Under Napoleon III, Baron Haussmann required all the houses of Paris, by law, to construct an independent cesspool, then an underground corridor leading to the sewer system...A tunnel two meters thirty centimeters high and a meter and a half wide. You understand? Every house in Paris was to be connected by an underground corridor to the sewers. And you know the extent of the sewers of Paris today? Two thousand kilometers, and on various levels. And it all began with the man who designed those gardens in Heidelberg..."
"I see you do not wish to talk. You know something, but you won't tell me."
"Please, leave me. It's late. I am expected at a meeting." A sound of footsteps.

I didn't understand what Salon was getting at. Pressed against the rocaille by the ear, I looked around and felt that I was underground myself, and it seemed to me that the mouth of that phonurgic channel was but the beginning of a descent into dark tunnels that went to the center of the earth, tunnels alive with Nibelungs. I felt cold. I was about to leave when I heard another voice: "Come. We're ready to begin. In the secret chamber. Call the others."


The Golden Fleece is guarded by a three-headed Dragon, whose first Head derives from the Waters, whose second Head derives from the Earth, and whose third Head derives from the Air. It is necessary that these three Heads belong to a single and very powerful Dragon, who will devour all other Dragons.
-Jean d'Espagnet, Arcanum Hermeticae Philosophiae Opus, 1623, p. 138

I found my group again, and told Aglie I had overheard something about a meeting.
"Aha," Aglie said, "what curiosity! But I understand. Having ventured into the hermetic mysteries, you want to find out all about them. Well, as far as I know, this evening there is the initiation of a new member of the Ancient and Accepted Order of the Rosy Cross."
"Can we watch?" Garamond asked.
"You can't. You mustn't. You shouldn't. But we'll act like those characters in the Greek myth who gazed upon what was forbidden them to see, and we'll risk the wrath of the gods. I'll allow you one peek."
He led us up a narrow stairway to a dark corridor, drew aside a curtain, and through a sealed window we could glance into the room below, which was lighted by burning braziers. The walls were covered with lilies embroidered on damask, and at the far end stood t unity, highest wisdom. All original
ideas taken together form the One; God in His Revelation. According
to the Bible, number one is identified with the first day of

== IIH ==y the akasa principle, is
represented by number five, this number also represents the power
and the might, appertaining to the planet Mars. Consequently,
everything that expresses an active power or might is in harmony
with num
Step VII ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Analysis of the Spirit with respect to the practice
t next to it is an old door, peeling, like a door on Via Sincero Renato. Then, at number 3, a door recently restored. Hylics alternating with pneumatics. The Masters and their slaves. Then planks nailed across what must have been an arch. It's ob
Step VII ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Developme

Step V ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Space Magic

ber five. All influences that are effected by the power
and might of a human being appertain to this number. The whole
active magic belongs to this numerical order. Number five


== IIH ==
Step V ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Projection of Elements outwso othered to wear simple white cloaks, no furs, at most a lambskin or a ram's pelt. They're forbidden to wear the curved shoes so fashionable at the time, and must sleep in their underwear, with one pallet, one sheet, and one blanket..."
"With the heat there, I can imagine the stininstance, a great triangle with a square in its middle or, vice
versa, a square with a triangle in its middle, depending on the
number to be entered graphical
on which begin with number one are


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