Thursday, September 08, 2005

i was wrong


this is wrong

I'm an ISFP

and I was wrong about some other things as well.
my friend lefty wrote this to me in an email, and I appreciate her candor. This is what she said:
you are, by all accounts, an isfp composer. s as in sensory, rather than intuitive. i dont trust tests on-line. if you want to double check get a copy of please understand me II by david keirsey from the library and take the test there, but disregard the couple suggestions.


i believe that you are absolutely a sensor, though, you have entered the intuitive phase of your life. you are in your extroverted intuitive stage of life. which means being open to patterns, wholistic things, social groups. i think you were stagnating in lawerence and that is why you did not flourish anymore. you need a mind mate and you were too overcome by fellow hedonists.

extroverted intuition -

Extraverted intuition attempts to envisage all the possibilities that are inherent in an objective situation. Ordinary events are seen as providing a cipher or set of clues from which underlying processes and hidden potentialities can be determined. Yet once these possibilities are apprehended, objects and events lose their meaning and import. There is therefore a constant need for new situations and experiences to provide a fresh stimulus for the intuitive process

i think you should realize that rejection is a part of life and it has nothing to do with you, but rather, the way the institutions you despise, work... i think you should be grateful to find out *anything* about your biological family...god for years you knew nothing at all. and a person shouldn't have to pine to know who they are, but you *got what you wanted.*

dont let yourself stagnate. recreate yourself. connect the world with your work.

remember that life carries us in directions and have faith. have faith and look for signs and try not to get too stoned or drunk all the time and remember you have potential and talent and this is your life. this is *your* life. breathe, meditate, remove things that hurt you from your life. rest and start over again.

thanks. I was obliterating myself in hatred for a while this weekend, and I've come through to the other side. I'm going to cross-post this to unrelated thoughts as well.


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